How to deal with narcissists in the workplace?

Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.

Five years ago,  I had a colleague that pretty sure a Narcissist.  Yes, she was a goal-oriented person, but with no concern for others.  She was a control freak, manipulative, a finger pointer, always demanding special treatment, respect & privileges.  She was on power trip.  She’s often targeting  one person at a time until he quits, then employees turn over rates became high.

This narcissist created a traumatic environment to the workplace & degrading the other employees capabilities.

For five years working with this kind of person, I have experienced to be feeling frustrated and angry, but became stronger and a fighter. How did I deal with her after years of adjustment?

  1. I complained about her to my boss. I just make sure he knows what’s going on.
  2. When she tried to pick on me, I never cried in front of her, that never happened. Don’t let the narcissist  see your weakness because they feeds on and controls these types of responses.
  3. Don’t take personally.  Always put your mind nothing is wrong with you.
  4. Always be professional. I tried to composed myself every time we had a fight because I believe I am more normal than her.
  5. Never ignore the narcissist.  I respond to her demands, and I argue with her if necessary.
  6. I never expected her to be my friend, instead  considered her my enemy. I was vigilant.
  7. Plan your exit. When I realized that my boss cannot change  this narcissist, I give up my hope to work in a harmful environment. After five years I remove myself from that situation.

To be honest, narcissists are not pleasant to deal with, no matter how much you tried,  they are still highly conceited, as if it is part of their system.  To avoid any  further headaches & stress dealing with them, find alternative solutions for your comfort.

So what about you, have you with deal with them?


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