Beauty & Brain

When I arrive at work, my boss was excited to talk about what happened to the Ms. Universe pageant. I said “excuse me?” and he was surprised to know that I didn’t watch it, remarking that I am only from the Philippines he knows that didn’t watch the show.

Well, it’s true. The last time I watched the whole show was year 1994. I have just seen the highlights from video clips & news. What can I do, I’d love to watch Victoria Secret fashion show more than Ms. Universe.


But of course, I watch some of the clips, especially when Steve Harvey mistakenly names the wrong #MissUniverse2015. How sad it was for Ms. Columbia when he corrected his mistake. It’s one of the most shocking ends of the Miss Universe final, but not to Ms. Philippines. Yahoo!!!


Congratulations to our  Ms. Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.  The Philippines is indeed very proud of you. Achieved!




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