Good care.

At this time, I am suffering from colds & fever for days.  As much I wanted to be taken care of, it’s just happened that I am far away from home.   So, I just sob, moan and whine to myself all the time.

Though being sick is always breaking my spirit, looking after myself is my first disposition in life and I just allow others to help me at my very hopeless situation.

So, no matter if you prefer to soldier on alone or to be taken care of, just make it sure that you are alright!

Be well!


In response to Daily Post: Take Care



3 responses

  1. I feel you. I have cough and colds since last week. Then I terribly miss my family and friends back home. Get well soon!


    1. I miss my mom the most. Get well soon too, Christmas is coming 🙂


      1. argh.. our moms! I miss my mom too! Merry Christmas Ann! 🙂

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