Fearless Fantasies

If I were incapable of feeling fear right now,  I’m pretty sure I have so much things to share & be proud of, or maybe I would be dead too.

I have lots of fearless fantasies, fantasies that I know would never happen to me.

  1. Bull Riding – I want to beat the the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.
  2. Base Jumping – Love to boast a stunt in the air.
  3. Scuba Diving
  4. Big Wave Surfing
  5. Water Rafting – I’m afraid of being pushed or thrown into a body of water and I can’t swim in the deep ocean too!
  6. Mountain Climbing – I want to climb the world’s highest peak Mount Everest!
  7. Car Racing while being Drunk!

I know, i know some people have done that and I envy them for they have lots of spirits & guts to do what they like. Me? would be forever fearful of such.



The Daily Prompt: Fearless Fantasies


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