Once more, this new year would be something different, aside from celebrating it AGAIN without my family (for 8 years); we will gather at our friend’s house and there will be just seven of us to welcome 2016. Quite unexpected since we used to celebrate every occasion with ample numbers, but then I just recognized that “change” for this year has been inevitable for us all.

Some friends got married, and they stick with their partners for a holiday.

Others found a new friends to celebrate with.

The rest is more contented to stay in their own places and wait to pass the day off.

Few would like to go out and to experience the highlights of the celebration with the people they don’t even know.

And the eight of us, sounds to be a quiet celebration, but I think would NOT. Because we are flashy, funny and we love to get drunk!

So enjoy your celebration everyone! It doesn’t matter where & how many of you to welcome the next year, but the most significant merriment is to be with people you LIKE & LOVE.

To my family, I will be coming home next Christmas! then, will miss you no more!

Happy New Year!

May God bless US all!



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