Please don’t judge me!

I am not a very religious person.

Though when I was young, I used to serve God as a Choir Member, Lector & involved in some spiritual organization, I still couldn’t say I am. Having occupy to worldly endeavors & engaging to different iniquities, well, I have stopped the most significant episode of my youth life, the service of God.

But I hope you don’t get me wrong. I am still a believer. Though I didn’t go to Church every Sabbath day, I still pray every morning & evening. (Now I am justifying myself!)

Here in Dubai, Friday is the Sabbath day, unlike from the other countries. To be honest, I don’t like to go to church on Fridays, there are so many people, long queue at the metro station & taxi stand, and I just couldn’t concentrate at all. Instead, I go on Thursday; a less than one hour holy mass but without a sermon from the Priest.

A friend criticized me of being lazy going on Thursday, we argued about it. I am pretty sure that there is nothing wrong attending mass in any days of the week as much as I am trying to revive my lack of service, as long as I have still called Faith.

Not everyone goes to church are HOLY and not everyone doesn’t go the church is BAD. We should not judge other people, instead, we need to judge ourselves & reflect.

St. Mary’s Church, Dubai UAE


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