“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe… keep breathing.”

The movie is all about the love of a father to his half Pawnee son (Hawk)whose mother was taken away by other white men, and eventually died in the hands of John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who disgusts Native Americans more than anything else in his life.

The Revenant,  Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) who has returned supposedly from the dead made a stunning but harrowing survival to revenge the death of his son, tracking down John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who betrayed and abandoned him.

Watching the movie for almost 3 hours, I couldn’t stop thinking “what’s next? What’s next?” Just couldn’t believe someone will survive with those tormenting moments, I must have died since the start.

Some reviews commented of disappointment of the movie . “There’s no ‘there’ there. Long Brutal. No clear Eco message. Violent and pointless. Revenge in the wilderness.”

But for me, It was brutally beautiful.  In reality, are you going to revenge the one that you love? or trust revenge in God’s hand & not yours?

If you want an answer, then watch the movie!





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