❤ Asking him to love her ❤


In our society, there are traditional people who couldn’t agree on a girl making the first move. Although dating rules are changing, it is still taboo for girls to make the first move. They might label them as liberated, informal, radical, cheap and so on. I was taught to be conventional, but I am not totally a shy girl, I have little guts to talk normally to my crushes.

I remember the time when I confide my feelings to someone that I really liked. I just couldn’t wait for him to make the first move. I felt like I have this anxiety if my feelings being unspoken, I’m gonna die in heartache.

But there were also stages I never had the guts to show my feelings, and some I regret it.  There are so many “what if” and “if only” will never be resolved. Obviously, it sounds to be one of the disappointing episodes of my life.

Truly, to confess your feelings is not easy because it is really scary to be rejected. Unrequited love is painful, but regret is the lost time you can never be found again.





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