Pieces of my Life


Tetris has always been my favorite game.  The fact that there’s no other player I could beat on, that I just have to keep going as long as I can is more suitable for myself.  More than that,  Tetris to me, symbolizes my actual life.  Just like the game, the current piece I am dealing with and the next piece coming, representing the things that needed a specific plan to place them in the right possible position.  If I made the wrong turn, I don’t have to blame anyone but myself, and I know there’s always something new on the way to keep me play it right.

I don’t like to play my life like a chees. I don’t need black versus white. I don’t want to race because my life is not designed for competition. I don’t like to struggle just to win over the failures from others. I want to control my life as much as possible.

I didn’t say Tetris is the best game ever. Of course, you have to choose how you play your life. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, the score isn’t really important as long as you have tried to make the pieces lay right.

Tetris means so much to me, It could kill my boredom.

So what about you, what is your favorite games?


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