Irrecoverable Loss: TIME


Yes, we have a bathroom schedule to be followed during weekdays. For those who don’t know, flat and room rent here in Dubai is expensive and not all the expat could afford or doesn’t want to spend their money for such a high price.

In Filipino community, this is a common thing. We usually go as a bed spacer, partition (living room divided into 2-3 small rooms, shielded only with wood or curtains) or we could rent a big room, but with 4-6 friends together around.

Quite surprising, but this is the reality. I always wish to have my own place, but just couldn’t bear the cost of it.

“As time is the most irrecoverable for it can never be redeemed”, I need to follow those schedules so that I wouldn’t miss my time and to avoid problems with other flatmates.

It wasn’t easy, it takes a lot of discipline and I hate it.

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In response to the Photo Challenge: TIME


  1. We all have to work around schedules in our physical world. This teaches us valuable lessons. However, time is not reality outside of the physical construct. Move to what each moment means and become aware of what it is teaching and we move into another paradigm. Now we learn the means to overcome the physical obstacles.


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