I recall when I chatted with my son in messenger and asked him about something, he replied with letters IDK. I responded with annoyance by asking what do those letters mean?

He replied with “I don’t know”, and I was like shouting at him for answering me with those words.  You can’t imagine the lecture I have given to him.

Then he explained IDK means “I don’t know.” And there it goes, I just laughed.


When this text shortcuts for chat messengers & SMS texting started, I was not really into it. Honestly, I hate to read any messages using this kind of shortcuts, I really criticize and demand to send me messages with proper text.

Some would say I have to follow what is trending and not to be old fashioned about it, but simply I disagreed. Unless you have frailties in writing and the shortcut is needed, then I would really understand.

Anyhow, sorry for those who are using shortcuts. If you are offended just LMK 🙂


  1. As usual an interesting posting today. I came across the shortcut “mo-fo” today in an article about using “-em” in css. lol, cu l8r. btw, I’m for longhand texting too and definitely not offended.

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  2. Hahaha this is great! I didn’t know what IDK meant or OMW and many others until I was schooled by my kids!! I do agree with you I prefer normal English language texts. However, times change and I have to adapt or get off the change train. LOL!!! But, I still think someone really cares if they call or write me….more personal!


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