I recall when I chatted with my son in messenger and asked him about something, he replied with letters IDK. I responded with annoyance by asking what do those letters mean?

He replied with “I don’t know”, and I was like shouting at him for answering me with those words.  You can’t imagine the lecture I have given to him.

Then he explained IDK means “I don’t know.” And there it goes, I just laughed.


When this text shortcuts for chat messengers & SMS texting started, I was not really into it. Honestly, I hate to read any messages using this kind of shortcuts, I really criticize and demand to send me messages with proper text.

Some would say I have to follow what is trending and not to be old fashioned about it, but simply I disagreed. Unless you have frailties in writing and the shortcut is needed, then I would really understand.

Anyhow, sorry for those who are using shortcuts. If you are offended just LMK 🙂


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  1. As usual an interesting posting today. I came across the shortcut “mo-fo” today in an article about using “-em” in css. lol, cu l8r. btw, I’m for longhand texting too and definitely not offended.

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    1. This L8R, I thought before it was for Liter. hahaha.


  2. I’m not also in to this kind of shortcut messages but your blog post reminded of the shortcut messages my friends in cell group and I used to exchanged “GBTWHS” and “POGI”. haha


    1. Grace what is GBTWHS & POGI? hahaha. I have no idea.


      1. God bless the works of your hands (GBTWYH). Presence of God Inside (POGI). Basta maisingit lang. hahaha


      2. hahaha. Nice. Additional knowledge 🙂


  3. Hahaha this is great! I didn’t know what IDK meant or OMW and many others until I was schooled by my kids!! I do agree with you I prefer normal English language texts. However, times change and I have to adapt or get off the change train. LOL!!! But, I still think someone really cares if they call or write me….more personal!


    1. At least we have some idea now of these shortcuts 🙂

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  4. YSF! (you’re so funny)

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  5. IDK and IDC abt WTH is Going On 😛

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    1. hahaha. Minsan pinagalitan ko yong bumati sa akin ng HBD. haha.

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      1. eh grabe naman kasi yung pagbating HBD. para bang napilitan lang? di man lang nag effort effort man lang ha ha ha ha


      2. Kaya nga tapos mag tatanong pa saan ang kainan, o diba? hahaha.

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      3. alam na alam mo yung galawang PG eh ha ha ha (Pugad Baboy or Patay Gutom?)


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