Blogger Recognition Award


I’ve been blogging for how many years and for those years I have never interacted with other bloggers. It was enough for me to journal my daily life and just to read and like the blogs I was following. But, lately I have been doing this interaction. Sharing thoughts and insights with fellow bloggers gives me the opportunity to learn and to know from other people’s life experiences. It helps me bounds of personal growth.

Thus, I would like to say thank you Art  for this awesome BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD.  Now, I am really part of the blogosphere. 🙂

When  I first across  Advanced Research Technology blog site, I feel intimidated. Why? Because everything is extremely written well with a deep sense of learning for both science and spirituality in one perspective. I couldn’t fathom how deep it is until I have read his writings and learn from it. I’m glad I have followed him, and you must have too! You will be captivated with his amazing site.

Anyways, This is how the format for this blog award goes:

  • Give a ‘shout out’ to the blogger who nominated you  and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate no more than 15 bloggers of your choice. When choosing a  blogger for ‘the Recognition Blogger Award’, look at the content of what the blogger posts, the way the blog looks, anything unusual and unique that makes you think this blog needs to be  shared and needs a bigger platform.
  • Link your nominees and let them know they have been nominated.
  • Reveal seven facts about yourself.

Here are my nominees. I just followed them months and days ago. I want to recognized them for being inspiring and amazing with what they write about.


Seven facts about me.

  1.  I worked as an Accountant.
  2.  I am a proud OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) for 8 years in Dubai.
  3.  I am farsighted.
  4.  I always skip breakfast.
  5.  I love to sleep.
  6.  I hate numbers.
  7.  I’m a spoiled brat.

That’s all folks, have a nice day to all!




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