One more happy ending (K-drama)

“Even if I was exhausted and hurt so many times by love, when I turn around, I get excited and my heart flutters for someone new. I should hold it in and think over it, but I just spit it out and get hurt again.”

“I’m jealous of those feelings that can spill out without being held in. At least they’re happy since they have come out into the world. My feelings always stay inside and rot and I regret it when it’s too late.”

 “Feelings…they troublesome.”

“They’re headache.”

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up for your love. Will they have a one more happy ending?


 verdict: 9/10


  1. OMG I’m currently watching this drama! I’m shipping the main couple SO MUCH. And I love the friendship between the four women. I’m so invested in the side storylines as well. Are you liking the kdrama so far?

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