Light or Heavy?

In the past, my friends always teased me of how dangerous I am when I got drunk, especially when I am in the best mood.  Why? Because I always tend to reveal their secrets, giving them the opportunity to be the hot topic for the session. Of course, they can’t do anything about it and they can’t even hate me at all.

I don’t know why these friends still keep sharing me regardless of my lack of sincerity and despite of giving them a warning, but when I finally realized that I should be careful enough in dealing with their inner thoughts and worries because they have trusted me, I sworn myself to secrecy.

At this time, I am upright in dealing secrets of others. To be trusted is an honor, so I must respect and keep it as it is.  Sometimes, I asked them with humor if the secrets are light or heavy; if it is light, it’s okay to gossip about it and if its heavy, I must bring it in my coffin.

To note, I always asked them if I could share their life on my blog, they always agreed as long as I will not name them and no pictures. They don’t even know my blog site as I am not sharing it with them, but of course, I have to follow the rules.

Their secret is my secret.  If I want to keep my secrets in one box, then I have to do the same with theirs. And by the way, I don’t reveal it anymore though I am drunk, not all who are intoxicated can tell the truth, I can even lie. 🙂


In response to the Daily Prompt: SECRET


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