I’m going to be blunt. Asshole. Stop breaking my son’s heart.

My son was really annoyed to his father yesterday that he unfriend him on his Facebook. Before that, he was able to tell him this words; “You made a son, but you don’t even know how to support.” Words that I couldn’t say it to his father’s face, but he did it on behalf of me. He may be sound bad-mannered, but I have respected his feelings. Why? Because he is my son and he has been through a lot growing up without a father’s love and connection.

Asshole. Do you not realize the damage you are creating for him? Instead of making up the lost time, showing him your remorse, building a new relationship with him and presenting your love, you choose to hurt him and made him agitated. You should have called him all the time, especially on his last birthday and chat him every day. Of course, you didn’t do that because you are an asshole.

Don’t ever try again to break him. It’s been twelve years I have been trying my everything to make him a happy person. I will not allow you to hurt my little boy, not ever again.

The truth is, you don’t deserve him.



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  1. Tsk tsk. Ayoko sa lalake ung walang balls. Tama he does not deserve your son. I have single mom friends and I love them. Ang hirap maging single parent.

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  2. abangan na natin yan 😀


    1. Papakasuhan daw ng anak ko daddy nya, waaaa.

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      1. ha ha ha ha aba matindeng bata ito 😀

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