I grew up with this religious tradition where it is the meeting of Jesus and Mother Mary before Jesus’ ascended into heaven. I always remember before, I woke up early in the morning, met with my friends and tagged ourselves to the church to see the event. I always loved to see the kids wearing beautiful wings, singing songs where their tremendous voices would light up more the cool breeze around. I had wished before to be one of them, but it never happened.

That’s the Easter Celebration in the Philippines. Joyful, exciting and family gatherings.

Here in this foreign land where I am standing, the festivity is not recognized by the Country. Though the Christian Church and some of the Christian Company are celebrating, there is much difference compare.

Well, I think I am missing the point about Easter. It is not all about fun after all. It’s all about recognizing the new life, the new hope that our God has sacrificed for us.

Even though I haven’t seen the meeting of Jesus and Mary’s festival, nor the angels singing, I will  kneel down and Pray.

Be thankful of all the good and bad things.

Be joyful for the celebration.

Be grateful.

Happy Easter to all! “,)



  1. One Easter, years ago, I found myself working on a cruise ship and in dock in Curacao? I was homesick and yearned for my known Easter traditions. I empathize with your Homesickness and longing for your traditions. Do you have old photos of those traditions to share?

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  2. Whether it’s dyed eggs and chocolate bunnies or potato pancakes and sweet sacramental wine, popular culture has a way of finding the most superficial manifestations of religious holidays and using them to eclipse the real meaning of spiritual celebration.

    Stay true to that which is true.

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