Six Flying Dragons (Finale)

It is really hard not to be attached when you followed 50 episodes, 50 hours watching the best historical drama and you realized.. the end is finally here.  Ever since from the first episode of six flying dragons, everything is in a solid of awesomeness. You never be feeling betrayed of spending the 50 hours of your life because this drama is an achievement itself.


The journey of Bang-won from becoming powerless to powerful was astounding, but difficult to imagine. He needs to kill his teacher Sambong (Jung Do-jeon), whom he has waited for long years to join the same dream of creating a new country, far from political disputes and injustice. He has to kill his brother, the Crown Prince, Bang-seok, to make the King abdicates the throne. He had lost his old hyung and bodyguard, Young-kyu while protecting his plans. Even to the people he loves; Boon-yi and Moo-hyul he has to let them go.

Sambong (Jung Do-jeon) slowly down to Bang-won knees after  he draws his sword to him in silence.



Bang-won cuts his brother down to death while pleading to save his life.

The death of his body guard Young-kyu made him utter the words “I have to kill them”.


Bang-won letting go of Bon-Yi, his great love and Moo-hyul.

Bang-won’s worst fears came to reality. Indeed, he comes to realize just how LONELY he made himself in the new world he created and how isolated he became ever before, but he has gone too far to have regrets after all. As he whispered to himself “Moo-hyul, Boon-yi… I will get stronger now, won’t I? And… I’ll be lonelier.” And it broke my heart.


Bang-won: I was not who I am now.

For me, Six flying dragons is perfect from the plot, acting and sword fighting too.


Daebak six flying dragons, you will all be missed!




And before I will say goodbye, let me recall the best scene  all of them  drinking together in peace and laughter.

Verdict: 10/10


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