Closet of Miseries

When you broke up, he did everything he could to make you back. He cannot even dredge what he had done just to make you stay, approaches you have never cared, people that you have never considered about. You were so cruel, so self-centered, as if you are the most unfortunate soul suffering for what had happened between you and him.

When he finally understood that his mind needs to paced over from what his heart’s desire, he ended it by giving up. Giving up is not always his weak side, but sometimes it turns out to be the courageous act for his salvation. When he was certain that he doesn’t want to chase you anymore, but couldn’t stop his yearning, he made his own means of enduring his miseries.

Every time he missed you, he always writes a letter for you. A lot of letters that show the whole thing about his sentiments; there he expressed his lingering, begged you to come back, pleaded for another chance, being sorry though it wasn’t his fault and of course, cursed you to death. Those letters he has never sent it to you, neither he doesn’t have plans too. It was just his own resolution of saying goodbye and letting you go.

After a long two years, he unintentionally opens his old closet, and there he found you. You are the letters. He hid you from the closet of darkness and dismay where you are worthy to belong off, and there he buried you with the ashes of his sad memories.

Thank you for breaking his heart and for giving him the chance to see that life is much better, braver and nicer without you.

Now, his closet is afresh for another bunch of letters, waiting and accepting.



In response to the Daily Post Challenge: CLOSET


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