Descendants of the Sun (K-drama) Finale

Descendants of the Sun (Dots) ended with a blockbuster rate with indisputable success and leaves with a positive impression to followers and die-hard fans.

For me, this drama was well written and best performed from the smallest supporting role to protagonist characters. It was not only about “falling in-love”, but it shows a great deal about how to love and serve our country, our profession and love ones. It displays the best to care for one another in  tough situation, without comprising their belief instead of being strong and reared in every situation they were in.

Descendants of the Sun brought many tear, laughter and warm feelings, and that’s the way I liked it.


Episode 16 images when Shi Jin and Mo Yeon fly back to Urk and return the rock to the wrecked ship island as what they have promised.


My verdict is 10/10.


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