Since I was a kid, I always recited every night a prayer of “angel of God, my guardian dear…” My grandmother said, God surrounds us with a host of angels to protect us and go before us, and someday they will escort us safely to Heaven. The reality of God’s angels gave me huge confidence as I grew up, and I will never ever forgot this one incident that kept me believing until now that angels do exist.

It was nine years ago when I had that accident which I thought was the end of my life. It was like 7:00pm to be exact when I have to meet a friend that night. I hurried up crossing the lane, despite the hustled-busy movements of cars and transportation vehicles. There were no traffic officer or traffic lights to control every movement from that intersection and every driver made their own limits.

Before I cross the street, the taxi stopped and gave way to me to pass. As I walk hurriedly, I saw one motorcycle driving with high-speed towards me, beating others vehicles too. Seeing him coming near me, I know exactly what will happen, he is going to hit me hardly. I gazed at my back if I could walk backward and avoided him, but I wasn’t able to do it. It was a sudden decision to make; to be hit by a motorcycle or a big car. I just closed my eyes and called God for help.

I felt my body stumbled, flew somewhere and landed with a big bang. I just kept my eyes closed and I heard nothing. I was thinking that time, maybe my soul separated from my body.

Then I was back to reality. I heard someone shouting at me frightfully, “Are you alright? Are you alright?” I looked at him and nod. I saw all the vehicles stopped running, and every passerby looked at me with a concern in their eyes. The man helped me stand and I saw he was hurting too, he can barely move his legs and I know he was the one who had hit me.

When we reached the safe place, we both sit. Some people came to us and asked if we were alright. The man asked me to go to the hospital immediately and he will pay all the bills. I said no because honestly, I don’t feel the pain, I was just trembling inside because I was afraid, afraid to die. I asked him to go instead because I can see he cannot walk and his legs were hurting, probably he tried so hard to control his speed not to hurt me that much.

The fact that my body flew and landed, I just got a very slight bruise in that incident. I know my angel covered me and God never left me at that moment. It was a miracle indeed, a miracle for me to live again. I couldn’t say enough words how grateful I am for the protection, but in the night I just kneel down and pray.


5 Replies to “ANGEL OF GOD”

  1. Happy for you. Quite a realization for me… The other day I was in a state of melancholy. I was wishing for an angel to go down so I could punch him/her hoping the pain would go away after.


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