My boss is always reminding me to try fasting this month of Ramadan.  Honestly, I haven’t tried ever since the world begun, and it’s almost a sacrifice for me that I couldn’t drink water from time to time or eat my meals at the right hour since we are refraining from eating and drinking in front of Muslim people and in public.

I got it when he explained to me the benefits of fasting, both physically and spiritually. I understand too that there were more than 200 car accidents occurred just for the first day of Ramadan. I noticed some people got sick while fasting, I have told them to take medicines, maybe they can excuse themselves for this matter, but they don’t, so I never insisted.

I respect their ways and belief, even there is always an inseparable conflict with our religions. If you want the world to be at peace, then start from where you are and who you are with. It may seem hard sometimes, but we must do it.

What I’m trying to say is let’s respect our “own” ways of shifting our attention away from the superficial needs by cleansing our soul and focusing  on spiritual concerns. 

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