Honestly, I was hesitant to remain after watching the first two episodes of this drama, but because of Ji Sung’s grand acting skill and Kang Min-Hyuk’s cuteness and improved voice, who dares to ignore them?

The Entertainer is a story of betrayal and sweet revenge. Surprisingly, the plot’s quite heavy and straightforward, you can see guys crying and circling emotions. It actually revealed the darker side of the entertainment and music industry, which became an interesting scenario for me.

In the story, revenge has nothing to do with killing or making other people’s life miserable, instead it shows how to yield when nothing is to fight for, to forgive, second chances, to accept and dreams that must not be forgotten.

I like also the OST of this drama, one of the highlights are the bromance and the chemistry amongst the band members which you would believe they are actually on their own band.

The ending of the story was wrapped up nicely. Each of the characters has given a deserved final. It was great that I didn’t drop this drama, it gives me a warm feeling and happy smile.

Verdict: 8/10

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