Number of people who couldn’t control their anger. If you watch their displays you will be rapt with how human is bound to unfold varied emotions, how fury prevents rational thinking, decisions made in haste and eventually regrets leads to suffering.

I was about to respond with anger to someone I really don’t like, but I choose calm and sanity. I don’t need to stoop down and meet the level of someone’s idiotic ability. Call me sadistic, but I rather see them in vast of anger while I live my life easily.

I think this is how it works;  make up your life to be in the bottom ladder of wrath or at the top of serenity.

I choose to be on top!


  1. It’s not easy to refrain from anger so congratulations on that! ☺ I try myself but end u giving in occasionally which sucks…but I guess the trick is to keep trying…

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