Pokémon Fever

Dear Roomie,

Don’t you see you have been disturbing me for more than a week now?

Can’t you realize I never engrossed to listen to your old repetitive love story? Are you not bothered that I close my bed curtain every time you started talking?

Are you really that insensitive? Are you not aware that we hate your loud voice, and your loud music and your nauseating strange character?

I think you don’t seem so.

Don’t you know I nap today in my office because I was deprived of sleep last night? Because it was 12 midnight when you screamed  founding Pokémon in our room?  The hell of you! Are you high from drugs?

Please just poke your face as you play Pokémon, spare us from your craziness.  Act with your age. Play at the right time. Practice common sense.



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