She said “YES”

She said “yes” and I was happy.

I met Weng four years ago.  I was the one who interviewed and recommended her to be my junior.  What I like about her was not from her curriculum vitae, but the way she presented herself to learn and willingness to be a great help.  I’m pretty sure that’s more important than a degree.

Anyway, our relationship was more than a senior and junior thing. We became friends outside and allies at work. I have known almost of her secrets and handle them with indulgence, though I was a little bit cautious of my own, but later, I have learned to trust her.

Weng have entered into a complicated love affair. I was there to listen and disagree, but then I found myself comforting her all along. It’s always been my intention to remind her not to waste her young life over unsecured relationship, but love is an uncontrollable beast, who would listen when you are selfish enough of your feelings?

Surely she has gone into a lot of hardship than happiness. She was walking beheaded from gossip, more controversy as I expected and silent eyes out of sympathy she suffered from others.  I asked her when it would end, and she replied me after she’ll get tired of everything.

After the rain pours and the storm has beaten, she finally let go. After the flowers withered and died, another one blossomed with sweet scents.

She finally found someone who flutters air and sea just to be with her. Someone who really doesn’t care of what she have done in her past. Someone who can offer her a life of good possibilities.

She’s getting married!


I know she was happy and thrilled for her new life, and so I am.

She gave us message that a true and intimate prayer will lead you to the right way, to the right people and the right decision.



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