W-Two Worlds (K-drama 2016) – FINALE


When his eyes close and his bloody body falls, I panted my mouth with words of despair;

this couldn’t be “the end.”


Why? Because watching W-Two worlds were beyond a mere imagination. It has a very unique concept, solid and unpredictable written script and of course excellent actors. What more could I ask for ? Nothing else, but a happy ending.

What would you do if you found out that there’s another world beyond a popular webtoon and that your character is some way connected to it? Are you going to enter the portal to seek the truth or you will only follow your maker’s decision to create his own pattern for your destiny?  Can you be able possibly use your power of choice out of confusion and unbelievable reality?

Well, our protagonist Kang Chul (Lee Jong-Suk) made a choice.  After he learned about the “other world”, he steps outside his planned destiny. In between the challenges, he rewrites his own story, depicting the right of choice to his own life, to live or to die.  Amidst of erroneous decisions and right tactics, this drama taught us that life is a series of choice and by our own choice we can only then define our own fate.

As this drama ended, I am satisfied that I made a good choice of my 16 hours+ with their journey. Some might be droning of the plot holes in the finale, but it never seems to me. W-two worlds is a time travel drama where it bends time, space and reality and I bent my understanding too.

Verdict: 9/10




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