THE KING OF PIGS (K-Animation Film-2011)

King of Pigs is absolutely not an animated feature for kids because it’s shows the depressing violent side of our society where the weak known as PIGS and the bullies are the DOGS.


The King of Pigs is shown, the real victims of systematic bullying. It shows the truth that many childhood has been slowly destroyed because of this brutal ongoing pressure from peers and society. For those who weren’t able to escape it, their traumas remain a lifelong effect in their lives and are suppressed to deal with them; the full of hate, no self-confidence, reckless and vicious reaction or expression when things never got on their way.

This movie allows us Adults to think.

Are we aware of what is happening to our kids?

What if my kids are victims of bullying, how can I help them?

What if they are the ones who bullied, how can I deal with it as a parent? How can I teach them not to?

Are we sure enough that the school they are in having certain rules and designed preventive measures for bullying issues?

As a parent, it is our responsibility to check and to know how our kids doing outside our home, by then we can seek help if badly needed.


I’d definitely recommend this film even though the story is dark, very straightforward and there’s no truly sympathetic characters. I know, we could learn something out of this movie, but I’m sure I’d never watch it again.

Verdict: 7/10


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