Cinderella & the Four Knights (K-drama) 2016

“Cinderella’s nowadays don’t have time to meet princes because of their damned part-time jobs. And that’s why you mustn’t wait around for some stupid prince, but rely on yourself to survive instead. Got that?” – Ha Won

Our Cinderella lives in a reality of having multiple part-time job just to support herself. She has a doubtful, unsupportive father, meanness step- mother and a jealous step-sister.  She never dated anyone too.


Despite of her conditions, our Cinderella, Eun Ha-won grew up with a positive personality and refined by a strong set of morals. She’s a feisty Cinderella who’s fully aware of her self-worth.


The Chairman, grandpa Kang decides that it will be better  with a girl like Ha-won to be  his grandsons’ butler. He offered Ha won to live with them at Sky House for three months and assigned her to turn his grandsons into decent human beings, in returns, she will receive an incentive to pay for her college tuition and can go to abroad.  Though Ha won was tempted, she rejected the offer, but later accepted it.

Meet the four knights.

Ahn Jae-hyun as Kang Hyun-min

The Player. The eldest cousin, an arrogant playboy and smooth-talker who’s used to getting whatever he wants in life.

Jung Il-woo as Kang Ji-woon

The Thug. The middle cousin. A wild and rebellious on the outside, but he is soft hearted, extremely lonely and sensitive on the inside.

Lee Jung-shin as Kang Seo-woo

The good-for-nothing.  The youngest cousin.  A popular singer-songwriter and top star. He is a sweet, playful guy who is affectionate towards Ha-won.

Choi Min as Lee Yoon-sung

The hardworking and loyal secretary of Chairman Kang, and bodyguard to the three Kang cousins and Ha-won.

You will learn to like, hate and love this drama.

You will like it at the beginning. It was entertaining and captivating.

A big yawn in the middle of the whole episodes. You will find lapses parts and losing actions in the plot. There’s a little bit nowhere of the characterization too. There were some monotonous scenes that left the viewer’s mind blank and heart empty.

It was best for the last two episodes, but when everything started to be interesting and before you enjoy it, the drama has ended.  It was an abrupt short cut to a happy ending.

What I love in this drama is totally not about the plot, but the four knights pretty faces.


Verdict: 7/10


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