On the way to HOPE.


“Don’t you know how great it is to miss something? All you have to do is wait. It gives me hope.”

Does waiting give you hope? That someplace, something is waiting to be known, to be happening mysteriously? Or are you the one who thought that waiting is just a waste of time and a rust to your life?


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  1. ha. ang ganda ng Moon Lovers : Scarlet heart ryeo (walang kinalaman yung comment)

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    1. Oo ang ganda! hahaha.

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      1. Try mo din K2 pag may time ka 🙂

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      2. The K2, si Ji Chang-Wook ang bida 🙂

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      3. Haha check ko yan

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      4. Yes, naalala ko si song joong ki pala type mo kala ko si Chang wook

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