The Demon of Malabon Cemetery.

In Malabon cemetery, Philippines, there’s an unusual and disturbing tomb built from late years that has been one of the most talked during all Souls Day.

The said tomb has a statue of the DEVIL triumphant over ST. MICHAEL ARCHANGEL.

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Whoever across this iron protected statue will feel terrified and strange. Who would not? It shows that the evil was proclaiming that he owns the world while St. Michael was pleading. In short, the statue was expressing that evil can win over good.

What’s the story behind this tenacious figure?

The grave belonged to Don Simeon Bernardo who died in 1934 from heart attack.

There was a range humor that Don Simeon was a Satanist, which in fact, he isn’t at all.  He was a prayerful man, but became a victim of cruelty and brutality.

During the Spanish Regime in the Philippines, Don Simeon was accused of being a filibusterer.  The Spanish government suspected him as a revolutionary, put him in the prison in Fort Santiago, and was ruthlessly overworked and mercilessly tortured.   They even let him drink  filthy water with human stool/shit.  He lost his faith then and believe that God didn’t exist in the world anymore. He hated too the friars for oppressing and killing the people.

Don Simeon indoctrinated his belief to his children, three of them followed him. His death wish was to build the demon figure over his grave to remind everyone that darkness has taken over the world. It was his intention to prompt us the reality based on his brutal experiences and about what was happening in the world.

I really feel sorry for him. To leave the world where it shattered his faith and no longer had the redemption, he was pitiful. Though, we may still live in his world that he trusts in, it is a learned lesson for us to hold our faith stronger and stronger to God. We have to resist evil, work for justice, avoid greed for money and power and all the source of unrest.

Who knows, one day the statue might change. The demon shall be defeated.


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  1. More tragic was the fact that Don Simeon’s renunciation of God was brought about by the same people who are supposed to promote belief in and love of Him – the friars.

    Truly, the Devil can take the garb of holy men to oppress people.

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