Two Weeks (K-drama 2013)


 A young man Tae-San (Lee Joon-Gi) discovers he is the father of an eight-year-old girl Soo-Jin (Lee Chae-Mi)  with leukemia and must donate his bone marrow to save her life while escaping from authorities for a crime he didn’t commit.

Two weeks have a jumpy roller coaster ride from start to finish. The protagonist’s character development is superb, he established all the way from being weak and futile person to a very committed and loving father who just wanted to protect his life to save the life of his daughter.

The story has a good balance of challenge and involvement, without difficulties to follow. The entire cast is pretty excellent too with terrific and realistic acting. Though there is some dreary part of the show, but then again, it was sheltered with heart wrenching-heartwarming father-daughter scenes.

Two weeks will beat up and beaten you down like a beacon’s life reality of survival and fervor to live. Indeed a  must watch drama.


Verdict 9/10

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