The K2 (2016 Finale)

In this drama, the antagonist Song Yoon Ah (Choi Yoo-Jin) became the main character and the queen of the show. Her character was highlighted more compare to Ko An-Na (Yoona) who I think befitted only as a support in this show. With Song Yoon acting, there is no doubt about it, she is superb and convincing all along. You’re going to hate her, agree with her or pity her to the end. Ji Chang-Wook’s (Kim Je-Ha) character development left unsettled even his real name wasn’t revealed. However, thanks to his acting and fighting skills plus with his pretty face and puppy eyes, you can enjoy this drama from high to low.

The finale was exceptional, melodramatic, full of actions and twists. I had no idea how the farewell would end like since it was a roller coaster from the beginning. I cannot even guess who will win and lost in the games since no one was ever going to say the word “surrender.” Killing the villains without repent was different, it’s unorthodox way of letting their humanities sting to wretchedness.

K2 is not perfect at all. The rating was not good enough though the plot was very interesting and the acting was great.

What went wrong? Is it because the antagonist became the main character? Or the romance between Ji Chang-Wook and Yoona were not compelling? Or it’s just their fate?

Overall, it wasn’t a bad show, I even enjoy it. Just like the other dramas, it has their own strength and weakness. It has ups and down, but they own their identity and that is the K2.


Verdict 8/10

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