ESCAPADE (Hatta Mountain)

Honestly, I am not an adrenaline junkie person always looking for a big adventure. I was just so bored last weekend that I decided to tag myself along with my friends from their little hiking adventure. The truth is, I was only aware that we are heading to one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for adventuring far from the city of Dubai. With excitement, I have never picture anything, except the campout and to see the pretty scenery LAKE of HATTA MOUNTAIN.

The hike was easy for them, but not for me. I have never expected to walk more than thirty minutes in this wide, up and down, rocky road. I had to stop to catch my breath, complain a little with a smile and drank a lot of water. I was just hoping that walking would end so soon.



To my surprise, the journey wasn’t just merely a steep hike. Of course, we need to take slope from the slack ground and rocks before we could reach our destination.  My friends said it was manageable by someone like me, but of course, I didn’t buy it.  Even though they guided me for almost one hour, I could still feel my knees shaking, I was frightened because tripping was a big quite hazardous.



I told my friends I gave up, but they don’t care about my words. They wanted me to experience the things that I thought was just a dream. They’d like me to accomplish something far from my comfort zone.

And yes, I did it!

Now, let’s enjoy the lovely spots!







Thank you for the terrifying, but wonderful experience.



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