Love Letter

My mom told me that one of her friends in their religious group has the spiritual gift of vision.  This friend had seen in her revelation that my son will always be chased and courted with girls, which is the opposite of our traditional way of dating.

When we heard it, my son gave me a wink and pleasant smile, while I was totally feeling uproar. Later, I was just smiling of the thoughts and forget it, whether it can be true or not, at least her vision serves as a look out. I really don’t mind if girls will like him or get crazy for him, but I am just nervous that he might fall to the wrong ones. Oops, sorry, just carried away.

Well, James got his first love letter when he was 13 years old. A girl handed it to my mother with a bracelet, asking her to give it to him as a gift. My mom was really laughing so hard that she became the messenger in an instant.

He didn’t reply to her letter and just ignored the gift too. He said, he doesn’t like her, he was turned off.  I know,  because he likes someone else 🙂


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