What would you feel when there is a chance that you could send a letter to heaven to someone you care, or hate or miss? I think that would be comforting for us who was left behind in this world. How good it must be if we can send letters of longing for our loved ones even though they are already departed.

In this wonderful movie, it tells the story of JaeJoon (Hero JaeJoong), an angel messenger that delivers letters of people to their deceased loved ones. He is known as Postman to Heaven who is visible to those only who suffer the loss of someone they loved.  When our Postmaster met HaNa (Han HyoJoo), a young woman who sent letters to her deceased boyfriend with bitterness and hired her to be his assistant, things start to get complicated.

This movie is gentle, simply performed, yet very profound one. The plot is well written and inimitable with sentimental message, with attractive sceneries especially the green fields where the mailbox is, is just breathtaking.  The unexpected U-turn of the story will make you cry and smile.

Surely, this movie is a gift.

Verdict: 10/10


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