Oh man! I truly enjoyed this movie. One of the best parts of it is the visual of our protagonist. Won Bin looks so cool with his bloody and dirty looks, sexy with his deep and gruff voice, his moves when fighting, especially shooting without even looking, his eyes carry with different expressions and madness that seems to explode anytime. All of these are quite enough to keep your eyes on the screen that you don’t want to go anywhere else.

The man from nowhere is a solid Korean crime thriller that was able to display the emotional, vicious and awesome action choreography. It has a sweet and a great storyline. Here is a man without an unexpected mission, who came from a tragic past, trying to hide from society,  but needs to save a young girl who thinks of him as a good ahjussi.

This movie has definitely a class of its own. It turns out to be a solid one. It has a 100 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes too, and one of the highest grossing films in S. Korea.

The cinematography was excellent and focused.  You could see every detail they wanted to show within the frame plus the villains are quite compelling with their maddening characters.

I believe everything is likable in this movie, you will surely enjoy it.

Verdict: 10/10


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