When you’re complaining about your work while sitting in the office or just feeling bored, Just think of those people who worked outside tolerating the heat and dusty surroundings.

Don’t you think you are lucky than them?

Don’t you appreciate what you have right now?

Construct your thoughts and think about it – again.


7 responses

  1. Great reminder to be grateful! It’s all in the perspective.

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  2. I am indeed very thankful. Especially with this crazy humidity in Manila T_T

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  3. I think about the building and highway construction workers every summer when it’s hot and humid. Yes, I appreciate being inside in A/C, but I feel bad for the people who have to put up with the weather all year around.


  4. Amen to that! Especially in Houston in this heat!

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    1. Same here in Dubai, 39 degrees for today.

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  5. True very true 🙂

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    1. I sure agree to that

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