Really, Nepal? Why?  

Some people raised these questions with sarcasm. Honestly, I don’t have to explain, I myself need to find out too.  Maybe because they thought Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries, nothing is worth to explore, or probably they never thought of me changing winds to my destinations.

I have mentioned before the earthquake made Nepal devastated, and honestly, the lack of innovations is really visible when you go there, but the point is, if you decide to go somewhere else, you are driven by your own purpose and intentions. Mine was to see new things that will inspire me despite living in Dubai with a little comfort and modernization. And yes, I got what I want.

I will be sharing my trip to Nepal and how it changes my personal perspective.

Our first destination was Kathmandu, the capital city and the largest metropolis in Nepal.

Welcome to the Land of Lord Buddha.
Outside the airport, just landed after 4 hours of travel from Dubai.
Inside the Immigration. The officer just asked me what’s the meaning of my name and complimented it.
If your visa is upon arrival, you have to use this machine to fill up your information and scanning your passport too. It will provide you a receipt, bring it to the counter and pay.  I don’t know how much for other nationalities, but for Filipino, the visa is AED 100.00 (USD 28.00/ Php 1,300.00).
We stayed at this 3-star hotel for 1 night. They provide decent amenities with suitable price. The staff is accommodating and the breakfast was quite great. (I didn’t own the image)
Downtown in Kathmandu. The street is narrow and the road is wobbly. True, it’s dusty too since constructions are still going on.
Taxi in Kathmandu, so cute!
My first beer in Nepal. It will cost around NPR 350 (USD 4).


We had our first dinner at Bhojan Griha, a Nepalese restaurant which shows cultural dances. Their food is authentic and  quite delicious, maybe that’s why the price tag was high enough. 

Overlooking Kathmandu in a commix sunny, cloudy day.



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