PHILIPPINE EAGLE – Beauty of Birds


The Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) is an 8.4-hectare area located in the foothills of Mt. Apo in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City and situated within the Malagos Watershed. The Philippine Eagle Center primarily operates as a conservation breeding facility for the critically endangered Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) and other birds of prey.”

Philippine Eagle is the national bird in the Philippines and it has grown to be as one of the tourist destinations in the City. It is always been popular for an educational trip to all. I was like eight years old the last time I visited the place, and that, I have a  vague memory of it.

During my vacation, I invited my friends and the kids to revisit the center, and though the place was quite far from the city proper, we headed there as have planned.

So, here are some of the pretty birds.













The park is cool and surrounded by huge trees. It’s a good place for simply appreciating the nature. This facility is not only a home to a number of birds but also they have concerned about another kind of animals like reptiles and mammals.




The Philippines eagles underwent some threats of fewer numbers that’s why they are protected by law in the Philippines. They work also for educational campaigns, protecting and monitoring nests and a conservation breeding scheme to promote their survival.

If you want to visit the place. here’s for more details,


    • Hi! Not the OP, but I have a close friend/housemate who was an intern there last year. Not sure about the other species of birds, but the Philippine eagles aren’t set free because, as the OP noted, they are critically endangered. It’s also difficult to propagate their species as they’re loyal to their mates and the baby eagles take years before they can be independent, so the institution prioritizes their safety in that place. Once they’re freed, they could be killed instantly. (Happened to one of the celebrity’s eagle. Shot by a hunter. :/)

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  1. Not only a good conservation center, but an educational one too. I hope school children get to go and visit the center so they can grow up appreciating Nature.


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