You are lucky if you have met the person with the most colorful life.

They are the ones who were not afraid to live a life with risk, made bad choices, damaged, accepted defeat, and were not afraid to be real.

For them, happiness isn’t the result of getting what you want, but a blessing after you fathom that things aren’t always uncomplicated.

We can learn from this person who believes that life doesn’t always work out as we planned.Β  Experience lead them to live the different shades of life

..and they were ok, so we can.


  1. well I love your point here and love how you say to live with color.
    However, something that does not sit right is looking at another person – not to over think it here – but because we are so individual – even if someone has found the color they need and are working it – well we cannot really compare ever because it is not the best way to look at it. Yes, I get that we can get inspired by role models and that is what you are really saying – but too often folks use comparitative analysis and either makes them feel less than or better than –

    and with this: “You are lucky if you have met the person with the most colorful life.”
    and how do we define “most”
    again, I get your essence here and it is uplifting – but wanted to add my thoughts


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  2. You said it and I agree. I believe in lessons too, failure is only temporary, and defeat is eternal because he is a characteristic feature of people who are afraid of change! Great post

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