Individualist Ms. Ji Young (K-drama 2017)


Main Cast: Min Hyo-Rin / Gong Myung

This drama is about Na Ji Young who likes to be alone and dislikes to be around with people. Even in the relationship, she always made a distance and never engage or invested emotions. She looks cold outside and never cared anyone, but in reality, she was badly hurt and lonely.  Meeting someone who is opposed to her character change her life.

I find the show simple and cute. Though it tackles the problems with childhood trauma and how it affects the person, they have executed the story lightly. They have shown that there is no shortcut to healing the problem, but rather focus on the person’s realization that being feeling alone is the loneliest thing in the world and seeking help is indeed a solution.

There are some flaws in the story, but enough to consider knowing that the characters portrayed are real in our society. The acting was quite decent and the chemistry developed in a way that made them compatible in the screen.

Overall, this mini-series is not perfect, but worth the watch.

Verdict: 8/10

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