No honey, no money, how true must be

When I got a lot of cash, you were here beside me.

Feeling so in love, everything is all right

Oh boy, when I was penniless, you broke my heart.

No money, no honey, how cruel must be

You said I’m a friend, you liked me that way.

Invited me here and there, for pleasure as you say

You blocked me on Facebook and IG when NO was my plea.

No money, no honey, how sad must be

When my elders asked for monetary, my pocket was empty.

Feeling no good, but thought they would understand

Oh boy, look at their faces, it pierced my heart.

No money, no honey, it must not true

You can call me a miser or poor the way I look.

 I really don’t care, self-pity is my foe

My heart is rich in love,

Only simple life I ought.



  1. Honestly, that’s what I fear. I’m not rich, but I can’t say I’m always broke. But soon, I’ll be out of work and it scares me. I know I’ll be okay. But you’ll know how long your resources will last.

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  2. Oh so true, I was forced to quit my job for medical reasons eight years ago. It’s been a long rough road since then. I lost just about everything but the clothes on my back and a few belongings, I lost most of my friends, the family turned their backs on me, telling me to get over myself and to get a life, I would turn around and catch them giving me dirty looks. When confronting them they say, ” I never did that.”. Emotionally and physically this has taken a toll but I still try and make the best of having nothing.

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    • I like what you say for making the best of having nothing. When we have this kind of conviction, then life would be less maddening. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

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  3. Written truth. I had that happen to me. There was a time where things worked so well financially, but then there was a time where it was not the case anymore, so my girlfriend left me. A year later I found a very good paying job, and she hear through acquaintances that I am doing quite well. Guess what happened? She tried to get in touch with me again. Of course I was not interested anymore and ignored all of her tries until she gave up. I don’t need people like that in my live.

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