Have you ever tried to suppress your feelings to the point that it caused you anxiety, burnt out and miserable?

Do you still recall those days that you just can’t seem to say what you really mean because you were afraid to be judged? to be cut off from work? to be hated? to be misunderstood by friends? or to be the object of ridicule?

I am no different from others, I had my moment of bleakness that leads me to restlessness. There are times that I simply hide my feelings even it torn the hell out of me.  Words that badly needed to voiced and no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t do it. It was so tiring and I knew if I couldn’t find the solution to my despair, it would kill me.

When did I start expressing my thoughts and feelings? I cannot recall anymore because when I was able to clear-cut the road of my own blister, I feel so good.  I learned to stand on what I believe. I don’t need any approval of what I have to say as long as I know my limitations and I can handle my actions.

To some people, they would hate me for giving them the truth and I don’t give a shit. Yes I can be sarcastic at times but I just didn’t express it out of nothing, I have reasons and that they have to know. I will no longer be chained with hopeless sentiments. I want to be free.

We must learn how to express our thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. Never hold back your true feelings. Share with people who have the right to hear what you say and to feel what you are feeling. Then you can say, I feel good about it!


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