Thousand Steps

I have never wanted to live and work in another country. I just decided for the last minutes of my life when my situations became uncertain from becoming a Single Parent. I was sure then that I can’t be better me without pushing past from my comfort zone and accepting the reality of where I stand in the world.

So, I decided.

Honestly, I struggled so much of being lonely, alone and face the unfamiliarity of new things and new people. Since this country is so much different from my own, assumptions and prejudices has always been an issue for me. But while trusting my own ability to observe and to obtain experience while not forgetting that people are diverse here, I was able to keep my mind open without forgetting what I have learned and where I came from.

I am now in my ten years living in the Middle East as an Accountant. Some people may say I must be rich, but nope, I hope so, I have only stories to share, memories to remember and lessons to gain. Maybe you would think that I no longer feel lonesome, that I used the life in here, but nope, I still feel the heaviness of my thousands of steps every time I have left my people behind.

I know my entire life didn’t go as planned, sometimes I really wanted to go back from the past and amend some plot holes in my story. But I realized I didn’t come this far to whine; when my present is far better than before, when I feel responsible enough, when I can be able to say to myself “I’m proud of you.”

I don’t need to make excuses anymore how my life didn’t go as I wanted because it was okay, it’s okay and will be okay. God is with me all the time and I knew it.

Happy 10th anniversary to me as an expat!

I learned from yesterday,  live for today and hope for tomorrow.



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