ReLIFE (J-movie 2017)


Kaizaki Arata is a 27-year-old NEET, who failed at every job opportunity whenever interviewers hear that he quit his first job after having worked for only 5 months. One night, he was offered by a mysterious man, Yoake Ryo, to become a test subject for ReLIFE Laboratory’s Social Reintegration Program. Through a pill that would make him 10 years younger, he gets the chance to redo his life. He participates in the experiment and restarts his high school days, making friends and falling in love.

The plot seemed intriguing, and since I never read the manga or watch the anime version it made me curious to watch, expecting something is exceptional in this movie.

I admit for the first few minutes the show was engaging. The struggles of the protagonist are relatable and the sudden chance to redo his life is within the perfect moment.  However, the setting became a full typical high school thing, though there are some humorous situations the twist never left me with a bang.

What is missing in this movie? I think the execution of the characters, the absence of excitement, the suspense of getting a new life, all of this have failed my taste.  Well, in fairness, visuals are fun to watch, and that made me finish the movie.

Verdict: 7/10

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