ORANGE (Japanese Movie 2015)


During the spring of her 16th year Takamiya Naho receives a letter from her future self. Upon reading the initial page of the letter, her class was introduced to a transfer student from Tokyo named Naruse Kakeru. The letter she realized was an account of the things her future self had experienced and regret the most. Frightened, she tries to avoid reading further, but as her interests towards Kakeru bloom Naho eventually decides to encourage him. Naho, together with the help of her friends, Suwa, Chino, Hagita, and Azusa do their best to avoid having the same regrets their future self had, and heals Kakeru from his desolation and self blame.

The story was beyond simple. It is not just a typical romance in every day’s drama, but a heartfelt fantasy and captured the essence of friendship. The concept of revolving time travel and what a parallel universe is gives an interesting point of the story, while leaving an open-ended ending wraps you with total mixed emotions.

Though the plot holes are inevitable, the progression and development of the story and each characters were done very well.  Never to forget also the important lessons found in this movie with the issue of mental health; depression and suicide, the beauty of friendship and hope.

Don’t give up on life!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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