Lee Da-II (Daniel Choi) is a private investigator. He was formerly in the military, but a whistleblower case led to his discharge. Jung Yeo-Wool (Park Eun-Bin) becomes his assistant. She is a fearless woman. They work together to solve a mystery surrounding the death of a younger sibling. They also work together to solve other cases, some involving ghosts.

I would say I find this drama exciting at the beginning, slowly drifted and dragged in the middle and finally just rolled my eyes and wanted to end it badly. I think it must have been better if there were only 10 episodes instead of normal 16 episodes to avoid the storyline circling and repetitive. The point is, it became inconsistent and tedious.

From the good side, I’d like the performances of the cast. No doubt for their acting talents, no question for the two leads’ chemistry and no joke for the evilness of our antagonist  (like sucking a lolly-pop while killing people).

I just wish that the story defined at least by logic and ended with sense. I just couldn’t grasp of it no matter how much I tried.

Verdict: 5/10

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