BAKU, Azerbaijan (Day 2)

Gobustan National Park

This national park is quite famous for tourist destination in this country. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site which preserves the stone ages and petroglyphs. The site was breathtaking with a perfect view of the Caspian Sea,

Musical rock


We visited also the museum where you can find exhibits with interesting information.

Entrance Fee: 11 AZN

Yanar Dag (Fire Mountain)


There was really nothing extravagant in this mountain except this natural gas fire which blazes continuously on a hillside. This is a unique scenery and impressive. They said this natural fire that is burning for decades is at its most outstanding at night.


Entrance: 2 AZN

Ateshgha (Fire Temple of Baku)

A shrine of fire worship built on top of a natural flame. The altar is situated right a natural gas vent, igniting a large flame in the middle and four smaller flames on the rooftop corners of the pavilion. Surrounding a temple altar are a number of small cells which held the ascetic worshippers and pilgrims.


Aside from the Fire Mountain, Baku has another gem of natural wonder and that is the Mud volcanoes.  Since they have over 400 mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan obviously it means they have a lot of oil resources.

credit to the rightful image owner

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit the place because of the rain. To my dismay, I was just contented to hear that they are simply amazing with a spectacular view.



The center is a building complex in Baku noted for its “distinctive architecture and flowing, a curved style that eschews sharp angles.”  It becomes the primary building for the nation’s cultural programs and other significant activities.


 It was a long day and I was freezing the whole time, but it was worth it.


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