Simbang Gabi in Dubai

Simbang Gabi (Filipino for”Night Mass”)  is a devotional nine days series of Masses practiced by Roman Catholic. In the Philippines, it held daily from December 16-24 at different times ranging from as early as 03:00am to 05:00am. Back in the days, there was a belief that whoever completes the nine-day Mass stands a good chance of having his or her wish come true.

Yes, we have a Simbang Gabi here in a Muslim Country.  During Christmas, Dubai embraced the spirit of tolerance. Even though December 25 is not a holiday here, but some companies allowed their Catholic employees to take a one day off to celebrate (lucky for them). 

Aside from malls and restaurants decorations and festivity, there are several churches in the UAE preparing for the big day.  If you are feeling blue, listen to the choir’s carols and hymns. Always remember that we may be miles apart, but our love and affection unites us.

Merry Christmas and God bless us all!

Smile 🙂

St. Mary’s Church-Dubai

They have said it’s more or less 35 thousand Filipino has attended the Simbang Gabi for nine consecutive days.  That’s the spirit of Christmas!


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