THE THIRD CHARM (K-drama 2018)l


“The Third Charm,” tells the love story between On Joon-Young (Seo Kang-Joon) and Lee Young-Jae (Esom) from the ages of 20 to 32.

Joon-Young is a 20-year-old university student. He is a neat, good student, wearing unassuming glasses, jeans, white socks, and white sneakers. He doesn’t care about fashion. Joon-Young plans more than necessary and he is sensitive. Joon-Young then takes part in his first blind date. There, Joon-Young meets Young-Jae and they begin to date.

Young-Jae, is also 20-years-old, is emotional, spontaneous and honest. She doesn’t have parents, but she is really close to her older brother. They live together and rely on each other. Her dream is to become rich and she decided to work as a hairdresser’s assistant rather than going to a university. A friend then dragged her to a blind date meeting with a university student. There, she meets Joon-Young who has a totally different personality from her.

Oh man, this show was one of the most discussed and debated dramas.  There are so many haters and a few likers. As for me, I had really mixed emotions for this, in the beginning, all the “charms” are reasonable enough to warrant your interest, but far along, it becomes noxious and a bit of bothersome.

The story was quite realistic because when we engage in a relationship, not all are on good days. What I don’t like in this drama is I feel like the writing is nowhere to go. There are some parts, attempted to be “artistic” but really, it was pointless. I just wish the flow of the story was uniquely made and suitable.

On the other side, the actors are well made for this drama. They are convincing enough for you to like or hate them. Character development took me a while to realize that it was it, maybe because all along, It did convince me that the story is painful, truthful but boring.

If you are a die-hard fan of a happy relationship, then you must skip this one. And take note, I love the fucking ending. They both deserved it.

Verdict: 7/10

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